Question: Question from Miss Addy M

Hi Lisa, My question is probably open to all kinds of opinions, interpretations and so on. But what is your take on bread? Others will say stay away from it completely - even the wholegrain or wholewheat brown breads...and NEVER EVER eat white bread. Some say that the brown options is far healthier, and try go for gluten free brown breads or wholegrain etc. I love my bread (I don't eat white bread, only brown low GI multiseed or wholegrain breads), but I do try to limit it to a certain number of slices a week. In terms of health and wellness, what's your opinion on bread?


This is dependent on two things – your tolerance for wheat and gluten and what the rest of your diet looks like. Many people show an intolerance to wheat or gluten or both, and will be bloated, have stomach cramps and digestive issues when eating it. For these types, avoiding bread is an obvious choice. If you have no negative bodily responses, then I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule – eating 80 percent clean and healthy, and 20 percent less restricted foods. This is where white breads or other refined carbs usually come in. As it is, though, your low GI multispeed breads are some of the best out there, and in fact a good source of fibre, and there is no harm at all in a few slices a week, provided you’re including other healthy fibre sources and grains in the week as well – like barley, brown rice, potatoes and quinoa.

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