Question: Question from Mmone Sebotha

I just had my second child, I have darker skin on my inner thigh, how do I remove it?


There are a couple of things you need to have a look at to help you improve this problem. Firstly, is there any “trauma” to the skin in that area? For example, do you wear rough clothing or do any excessive scrubbing or exfoliating in that area? If so, this will add to the darkening of the skin in that area. Secondly, you need to avoid exposing that area to direct sunlight, as this will also worsen the problem, so if you like wearing shorts, make sure you always apply sunblock to that area. Thirdly, you need to start doing things that will discourage the hyper-pigmenting of the skin in that area, and here there are two things you needs to do, 1) You should be taking potent anti-oxidants to help prevent the problem, something like Lamelle’s Ovelle, or Solgar’s Pycnogenol supplement. 2) You should apply a pigmentation inhibiting product. Something like Lumixyl or Skin Medica’s Lytera or Lamelle’s Brighter Concentrate. If you can target this problem via multiple pathways like this, you should get a really good result. If you need more assistance, please contact your nearest Skin Renewal branch so that we can help you to get whatever assistance you need. You can find us at

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