Question: Question from Monahadi

Hi. I would like your opinion on this "Ultra-Cavitation: Vacuum plus RF and Diode Laser" fat removal procedure. They say that the machine removes fat cells and is safe. Surely the machine cannot diistinuigh between fat cells and any other form of tissue/cells? Is this procedure safe?


Cavitation is a safe and effective method for destroying localized or stubborn fat in areas such as, love handles, stubborn belly, saddle bags etc. It is a painless procedure, non-invasive and an effective treatment for body shaping. The cavitation method uses ultrasound waves that produce alternating compression and decompression on fat cells, causing the fat cells to burst. Fat cells are not elastic, so due to their size, they are easily eliminated by the cavitation waves. The system does not damage blood vessels or adjacent lymphatic vessels because of the vessels difference in consistency and elasticity.

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