Question: Question from Monica Ritter

Hello! Recently I've become much more critical of taking care of my skin. I'm struggling with blackheads and don't really know how to get rid of them. I've seen lots of peel of masks that work well, but the brands I've seen are all international and pretty expensive. So my question is if you know of any local products/masks to get rid of blackheads, or any DIY ideas if you have any. Thanks!


Hi there Monica. There is a locally made peel that we do in the clinic called the Beta peel by Lamelle, which yields excellent results. It’s also a good idea to use products at home that can focus on the particular issue you’re trying to treat. Lamelle makes a range called Clarity and in this range, there is a product called “Active Control” which you can use on the affected areas on your skin to help you target that problem.

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