Question: Question from Nael

I bought a Cetaphil face wash that is for acne. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and my acne has gotten even worse and my skin is really irritated. Is this supposed to happen. Should I keep using it? Is it supposed to get worse before it gets better. Help


I’m really sorry to hear you’re having this problem, Nael. Unfortunately, Cetaphil cleanser is not an Acne specific product. Also, you need to remember that Acne is not simply just a skin condition. It has internal triggers that then show up as Acne on the face or body. So simply using a cleanser or a topical product is not just going to take your Acne away. My suggestion is that you have the problem properly investigated so as to target the trigger of your Acne, rather than just simply trying to deal with the symptoms. Are you close to one of ourHealth Renewal Branches so that one of our doctors can help you? You can find us on

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