Question: Question from Neo Makgaka

Hi, I suffer from acne which has been going on for years now. My skin is oily but when I apply a day cream, it becomes dry and peels off(my face). What do you think I could use instead? Thank you


I’m very sorry to hear that you are struggling with this problem, Neo. Unfortunately, in 90% of cases, Acne is NOT something you should just treat with topical products, as Acne is generally triggered due to internal factors, namely the gut. So when treating acne, I very highly recommend that we identify the trigger, restore the gut and treat topically as simply doing only one is not going to restore your skin to normal health. If you want to start off by treating topically, then I highly recommend Lamelle’s Clarity range. I do feel, however, that if you want to achieve a very comprehensive successful result, that you need to come and see one of our doctors to help you to treat internally as well.

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