Question: Question from Nobahle Sibanyoni

Hello Dr M. I have major sensitive skin with terrible discoloration, and now I have developed a massive rash that and with all the products that I have tried both natural and chemical based, my face just burns and since it is sensitive to every thing I have tried, it has now gotten flaky and I also have hyper-pigmentation. I was told to get persivate cream and cetaphil clanser and lotion, but my skin burns and dries after moisturizing. what should I do next?


Oh my goodness, Nobahle. This sounds terribly uncomfortable. From what you are describing to me, it sounds like you are struggling with a severely impaired barrier. The problem with this is that you are losing water from your skin all the time, causing the discomfort, the dryness and the flaking. The other problem is even though using the products you’ve been recommended should help, they will, unfortunately, burn and sting and this will be the case with any cosmetic or moisturisers that you attempt to apply. If I am correct in the problem, then what you need to do is use a product specifically designed to repair your barrier. Only once that barrier is repaired and functioning properly again, can you even try to tackle the other issues. Have a look at the Lamelle Serra Range. This range has been specifically designed to repair, protect and restore the skin’s barrier function. You can check out the products on our website:

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