Question: Question from Nompumelelo Sibande

Hello Dr Allem, I am at 26 year old lady and I gets acne on my cheeks and rarely on my forehead. As a result I have a lot of dark spots on my cheeks. What products can I use to clear my skin?


Thank you for your enquiry. Just a few things I need to know from you. Firstly, is the acne still active (i.e. are you currently still experiencing break outs)? If yes, we need to get the acne under control first, otherwise you are going to continue to get the PIH (the dark spots). Secondly, what you need to do with immediate effect is get a good sunblock and make sure you are applying a good facial sunblock with at least an SPF 30 every single day before you go out. Thirdly, you need to come and see me or one of our Skin Renewal doctors for a consultation so that we can discuss your medical history and your current skin issues so that we can ascertain the cause of the break outs, in order to get this under control for you (these break outs could be as a result of a number of reasons). If do not sort out the cause, there is no use just treating the symptoms. Otherwise you will be stuck with this indefinitely. Can you get to one of our branches so that we can help you?

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