Question: Question from Parbie

Hi, How do i use weights to lose fat and tone without having to look 'tough' as I am a woman?


Hi Parbie, a lot of woman are afraid to get the “bulky/masculine” look when it comes to weight training. To be quite frank, us women simply do not have adequate amounts of natural testosterone to provide that look. Elite female athletes often supplement directly with testosterone to achieve this look. The toned look that you want will require some lean muscle mass with a lowered amount of body fat to achieve a more tight appearance. I will recommend heavy weight training for you with proper technique to avoid injury. A good investment will be to hire a coach to teach you the proper techniques. This is vital to build lean muscle for metabolic support. To achieve the “toned” look you will need to be in a caloric deficit to decrease the amount of fat that is covering those hard earned muscles. Fat loss and lean muscle gain can unfortunately not happen simultaneously. It is up to you, however, to decide whether you will embark on a muscle building phase or a fat loss phase first.

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