Question: Question from Penelope PENNY

Hey there I am an aspiring beauty blogger and I would like to know about the effects of climate and climate change on skin. I have been watching a lot of beauty and make-up reviews on YouTube and other fashion and beauty blogs and this has been a recurring topic among influencers. Does this mean that seasonal changes require me to change the products that I use on my skin with every season or can I use the same products throughout the year? Thank you do much for replying to my question, I really appreciate it.


Yes you will need to adjust your skincare regime according to the seasons, especially if you live in high altitude areas. In winter you need more hydration as we do not drink enough water and our skins are exposed to heaters etc., so you will add on more moisture and a hydrating serum.  You may also find you need more exfoliation so a stronger retinoid or enzyme exfoliator can be added to your regime.  Whereas in summer a lighter moisturiser will be used and you will need more of an anti-oxidant serum to protect your skin from free radicals and sun damage.

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