Question: Question from PrudenceB

HI, I'm 26 and I'm struggling with a dark eye area. This started in my teen years and it doesn't go away. I have tried every product I can think of, changed my diet and I have enough rest. I'm not sure what could be the issue. Please could you assist?


Hello. Dark circles around the eye area are a common problem and something we treat daily in our clinics. There are many causes and yes, diet and sleep can play a role, so it is good that you eliminated those. Other causes might be a lack of lymph drainage in the area, pigmentation that formed or it can even be hereditary (this is the most difficult one to treat, as we cannot change your genes). I think we need to look at the lack of drainage in the area. Our Lymphatic system functions as waste removal, when this gets sluggish waste material and fluids are not drained properly. This can cause the discolourations around the eye area.  One of the best treatments to speed up lymph drainage around the eye area is Carboxy therapy . This treatment includes injecting small amounts of CO2 gas underneath the skin. Our body will then send large volumes of O2 to the area to get rid of the CO2. This process speeds up blood as well as lymph circulation in the treated area.  Topical eye creams can also be used, Neostrata Bionic eye cream contains, amongst other ingredients, Vit K that will also increase circulation to the area. Please visit to find the Skin Renewal branch closest to you. One of our Medical professionals can do a thorough consultation and recommend a suitable solution package for you.


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