Question: What is Roaccutane?

Please could you give me some more info about this Roaccutane medication so many people are talking about? I've heard such good things about it but also some negative things... Do you recommend it for patients and is it safe?


Thank you for your question. Roaccutane is a prescription form of vitamin A, taken orally for the treatment of acne. It truly is a brilliant drug in cases where a patient is suffering from severe acne. While it yields brilliant results while on the drug, there are some rather serious side effects that you need to consider. As a rule I try to prescribe Roaccutane as a last resort, purely because of the risks and side effects (especially for ladies). If you are really considering asking your doctor to put you on this drug, you need to first get all your facts together and consider all the pros and cons and consider all your options. If you would like a comprehensive skin consult, find your nearest Skin Renewal on

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