Question: Question from Roshan

Hi Dr, I have an extremely oily skin with adult acne, I'm 36 yrs old and battling. Currently use the Dermalogica range and applying Differin to treat acne, but to no avail. Scarring is beginning to show, can I use a facial tissue oil such as Justine to treat scarring at night?


Thank you so much for your question. This is quite a tricky case to treat, as when it comes to acne and scarring (especially adult acne), there are quite a few factors that come into play, that I really suggest you have a careful look at. Most acne is related to an imbalance in the gut (gut dysbiosis). We sort that out, and you are well on your way to sorting out the acne. At the moment, you are just treating symptoms and not really doing anything about the CAUSE of your acne. So if we can get at the root of the problem, we can certainly make your life a great deal easier and more manageable. The problem is that any marks or scars that have already occurred will still be there, and unfortunately you can only get results up to a point with topical products. Scarring really needs proper treatment to see any significant improvement. So I really am going to suggest that you come and see us for a consult so that we can help you from 3 different perspectives: 1) We ascertain the cause and correct treatment for the acne; 2) To help you with the right treatments to make a significant difference to the existing marks and scarring 3) To have a look at your current topical products that you are using, versus what is present on your skin and making sure you have all the right home care tools to help you manage your skin correctly. Are you close enough to one of our branches so that we can meet you and give you the best possible help? You can locate us on

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