Question: Question from Selective1502

Hi, I normally get a pimple or 2 just before my cycle and they always leave dark blemishes and I find myself having to layer foundation to cover up. It's really frustrating. Help please!


It is quite common to have the odd spot during this time. How we treat those spots when we have them is what makes all the difference. It’s extremely important that you do not pick, scratch or irritate the area while the inflammation is there, as this will result in hyper-pigmentation in that area which leaves you with a dark spot after the breakout has healed. So here’s what you need to do. 1) Get yourself a good spot treatment to apply directly to the spots when they occur (apply at night time). 2) During the day, it is extremely important to apply a good facial sunblock to the face to prevent the discolouration. 3) You can still apply your foundation and make-up over your facial sunblock if you would like to do so. If you would like help in choosing good product options, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Skin Renewal branch for some really great options. You can locate us on

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