Question: Question from shamila

Good day, I was advised to use Eucerin for my skin buy I feel I need more expert advice before investing in the product. I have very dry, pigmentation type of skin. I am of medium-dark complexion. I only invest in Nivea or Ponds moisturisers but my skin condition never improves. I have uneven skin tone. I always need to use a cream cleanser or my skin will have a tight feeling after cleansing. Please recommend a product suitable for my skin type. If you could I would appreciate it if you can advise where I could get samples first.


Thank you so much for your question. The fact of the matter is that if you are unhappy with what you are using and you have already tried various brands, it is going to be very hard to recommend anything to you if we cannot have you sitting in front of us so we can see and feel your skin, as well as ask you some important questions pertaining to your skin.

Can you come to one of our branches where a professional skin analysis can be done and so that we can advise you directly and give you some samples to try? You can locate your nearest Skin Renewal Branch on

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