Question: My fingers are sore and swollen, can this be serious?

I have recently been waking up with sore, swollen fingers every morning. This only occurs on my right hand, and is sometimes so swollen that it is actually painful. What could be the cause of this and is it serious enough for me to have to go see my GP?


Thank you so much for sending in your question. I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling with this issue. From the information you have given me, it really is very difficult for me to give you the best advice in this particular forum, as I feel I would certainly need to do some further investigation. Swelling and pain can be caused by so many different triggers from injury, to low levels of certain minerals in the body, to the onset of conditions such as arthritis or gout. So I really would need to do a bit of investigation into your specific case, and for that I would need to see you to be able to help you. Are you able to get to one of our Health Renewal branches so that I or one of our Health Renewal doctors may assist you? You can locate us on

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