Question: Question from Shenice Pillay

Hi there, I am 24 years old and ever since I could remember, on both of my arms I have tiny dark spots. Is there any product I can use or do something to get rid of it. I have tried exfoliating them away and have bought over the counter creams but they don't seem to work. Please help.


Thank-you for your question Shenice. In a case like this, I am always a bit worried to advise you in a forum like this if I have not actually seen the problem. I need a bit more information. This could be a skin condition, or possibly a reaction to something that you are doing at home, the exfoliation could actually be an aggressor or this could simply be freckles and therefore, genetic. I need to know a bit more history and see what I’m dealing with. Are you close to any of our branches so that I or one of my colleagues could help you? You can find us at

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