Question from Sickly

Hi Doctor I really struggle during the winter months, as I find that I am almost constantly sick. In general I struggle with hayfever and sinus problems, but I am generally fine when the weather is good. As soon as winter hits it all changes. I go from one bout of flu or a cold to the next. What I don't understand is that I eat a healthy diet and I always keep warm and wash my hands... Is there something more I can do to try and stay healthy? My doctor gave me a prescribed cortisone nose spray to use for a month, which she said would clear up my semi-permanent post-nasal drip and avoid further infections, but so far I don't think that's really helped much.


Hi reader, thanks for your question. Your condition sounds like a classic case of immune response disorder, as I like to call it. Your body’s immune reaction to viral infections, bacteria and allergic substances seems to be disturbed. I usually find that this disturbance is related to an imbalance in your gut flora (the good bacteria), known as dysbiosis; or an exposure to an environmental toxin. Your body has possibly developed antibodies to bacteria, toxins or proteins and is responding to these, thereby disrupting your usual immune defense. I would recommend seeing an integrative doctor to determine your toxic body load and gut flora balance. You may need to be placed on a modified exclusion diet and to have your adrenals assessed as well. Best of luck and wishing you a full recovery.

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