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Hi Doctor. I have heard that a lot of dermatologists prescribe a contraceptive pill to their patients to improve their skin and minimise breakouts. I started taking Minesse about 6 months ago, and since then my skin has been breaking out a lot more than usual, especially on my chin and around my mouth. I read the insert and it says that acne is one of the potential side effects. Do you have any recommendations of what I can do to minimise these breakouts? Should I try a different contraceptive pill?


Combined oral contraceptive pills are definitely useful in controlling the hormonal aspects of acne breakouts. However, they all have different hormone concentrations and will react with each patient differently. There are many options to choose from and I would definitely recommend changing your brand after discussion with your doctor. Remember to take extra precautions for 10 days after changing your brand to avoid an unplanned pregnancy, if you are also using the product as a contraceptive.

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