Question: Question from Sue1N

Hi Lisa, is there any natural herb or ingredient that you can recommend to help curb one's cravings and that also act as an appetite-suppressant? Thank you for insightful answers and articles.


I’m not a fan of appetite-suppressants in any form and rather work on having a balanced diet with smart snacks throughout the day. On a general note, skip sugary snacks, refined foods and fast-absorbing carbs. These will spike your sugar levels and leave you vulnerable to food cravings as they’re quickly metabolized by the body. Opt for low GI carbs and lean proteins to keep you fuller for longer. Fruit is a great way to curb a sugar craving, and even better is a vegetable juice, which will leave out excess calories and pack a nutritional punch. If a treat is what you need, frozen bananas make a delicious ice-cream alternative.

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