Question: Question from SunetteV

Hi Dr Maureen, I'm in my mid 40s and generally have a very dry skin. I get small, hard white pimples around the area below the sides of my mouth. While I follow a good cleansing routine, they don't ever really clear up. I'm concerned that there may be a hormonal cause as they do get worse certain times of the month. Any advice? Thanks, Sunette


Hi Sunette. These small, hard white pimples can definitely be hormone related, I would suggest that you visit one of our Health Renewal Doctors so that we can determine your hormone levels and find out if there may be an imbalance. Investing in a resurfacer containing gentle acids, either in the form of a cleanser or an exfoliator, will help to ensure that there is no build up dead skin cells that can possibly clog your pores and cause these pimples. Neostrata home care products might be a good option for you, as they contain fruit acids, to gently exfoliate the skin, as well as hydrating and collagen stimulating ingredients. In-clinic treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and skin needling can be done to increase your cellular turnover and smooth our any textural irregularities. A combination of systemic intervention (Health Renewal), topical homecare products and in-clinic treatments will ensure we get optimal results in treating your concern. Please visit to find a branch closest to you.

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