Question: Question from Thiloshne

Hi, I have had breakouts in the past few years that has left me with marks. I recently changed to Eucerin products. My skin felt good in the first 2 weeks, but now there are more fine pimples. What should I do?


Often when one starts a new product range, the skin will go through an adjustment and healing period. It is really important, especially if you already have a difficult skin when it comes to being prone to breakouts and marks, that you are very cautious about what you start putting on to your skin. The most important thing to establish is what is causing the underlying problem. Is it hormonal? Is it an allergy? Could it be the wrong products or active ingredients on your skin? So my advice to you is that you first have a proper analysis on your skin so that we can figure out what is going on with your skin and why, and that we establish a plan for you from there. In most cases, we need to treat these issues both internally and externally. Are you close to one of our Skin Renewal branches? Are you able to come in so that we can have a look at your skin, and do the proper investigation so that we can help you? You can find your nearest branch on

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