Question: Question from uche

Pls can you recommend a good facial cream that will help in getting rid of pimples,spots and blemish on my face,and also lighten it.also I would like 2 lighten up my skin,can u recommend a good but not too expensive body brightening cream.thanks


Hello. My suggestion to you, is to not waste any money on the cosmetics that are sold in the shops, but rather please go to your doctor. Your doctor will most probably recommend an antibiotic to help clear up your breakouts. Try not to pick and squeeze your pimples/spots as you are causing trauma to the skin and that is why you are developing scars and dark marks. Why don’t you try one of Clarins’s brightening creams for your body? I am not sure it will lighten your skin but your skin should look brighter. You can purchase this at any of the Edgars chains stores. Speak to one of the counter consultants and they should be able to help.

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