Question: Question from Zanele Nene

Hi Dr, I suddenly got these red spots that have now turned black on my face and they hands, they look like they drying out but just get bigger and darker.They are like a ringworm type of thing. Please advise what I could use to get rid of them.


Red spots indicate a type of inflammation, such as an infection or allergy. When they progress to darker patches, this means that the inflammation has caused some excess pigmentation and thickening of the skin to develop. We see this most often in acne, allergic skin reactions and eczema. Ringworm tends to remain an aggravated red patch without darkening much. Treat the area with a mild, antiseptic cleanser and apply a fruity acid based moisturizer twice daily which will improve acne, allergic reactions and eczema conditions. If no improvement after 3 days, a doctor will have to take a closer look at it for you.

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