Question: Question from Zubaida Peer

Dear Dr Maureen, I am 47 years old with good skin. I have been using Clarins for approximately 27 years but feel like I need a change, but not sure which product to change to. I want to maintain my youthful complexion and brighten my skin and keep the bags under the eyes away. My skin type is combination with an oily T-zone in summer, but tends to get a bit tight or dry in winter.


There are some really fantastic options on the market for you, especially when it comes to “age prevention” and keeping the skin active and functioning correctly. It’s quite difficult to give you a good prescription in this format without actually seeing your skin and having a talk with you about what your specific needs are. Won’t you come in and see me or one of our Skin Renewal doctors at your nearest Skin Renewal branch? We can then sit with you, have a discussion with you about your skin and talk you through the various options you could consider, thereby just making sure you get the right products and advice.

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