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Hi Doc Graham, I have an embarrassing question to ask. I haven’t been in a relationship for four years and I just started dating, last month I kissed a guy and got a fever blister this month. The same thing happened when I kissed another guy, the new guy seems promising but I’m scared of kissing again because the after effects are horrible, I have a very bad patch of eczema on my top lip and the blisters always form there. I know my immune is weak and I occasionally get blisters before I get flu; I also have very bad eczema. What can I do to prevent the fever blisters? Will I never kiss again?


Hi reader

Thank you for your question and regarding a condition that is a concern for around 1 out of every 500 people. Cold sores or fever blisters are also known as herpes labialis and are most often caused by the herpes simplex I virus. It is difficult to say if you caught it from the first guy that you kissed, as it could have lain dormant, but it is possible. Unfortunately there is no known cure for cold sores yet. Hope lies in controlling attacks and keeping your immunity at an optimum level. Unfortunately as you also suffer from eczema, any potent immune-boosting supplement could have a worse effect on your eczema. Medical treatment of attacks includes creams and tablets of antiviral medication which must be started within 48 hours of an attack beginning. Complimentary therapies include zinc, L-lysine, omegas, vitamin B and vitamin C which should also help your eczema and won’t aggravate it further. Concentrate on regular exercise and regular relaxation techniques as well and consult your healthcare provider on stress management and you will be kissing again in no time! Wishing you a healthy week ahead.

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