Question: Redness Around The Nose

Hi! What can I do about redness around my nose and mouth area? Why does this happen and how can i prevent or cure this?


Great question! Thank you for asking. Typically, redness can be caused by sun damage, sensitivity, trauma or injury or a combination of these. Whether the skin is red from sensitivity or vascularity, we have a few things we need to do when treating "red skins". 1) We need to decrease sensitivity, 2) We need to decrease and prevent inflammation, 3) We need to decrease vascularity, and 4) We need to calm, comfort and protect the skin. This can be done with various treatments, but it can also be achieved with some products. You could use Skin Medica’s Redness Relief Calmplex. At all our Skin Renewal Branches we have got a product specifically made for us to help with redness, this is called "Couperosis Cream". You will also need to become very religious in wearing a good facial sunblock every single day, as redness is definately worsened by sun exposure. There are other things you could also consider doing in terms of treatments. We could treat you with growth factors and Photo Dynamic Light therapy. In a few cases (not all), laser therapy may be indicated for some patients. But definately a combination of treatment and homecare maintenace products give the very best results.

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