Question: Redness On My Face

My face tend to get red when i wash my face, sometime during the day? It is oily but dehydrated as well. What kind of product do i need to use and how to getrid of the redness?


Thank you for your enquiry! What you are describing to me, sounds like your skin’s barrier is not functioning properly… so you are dehydrated, and your skin is losing water, but your skin tries to help you by making more oil to combat the problem. Unfortunately, washing with the incorrect cleanser will also worsten this probelm. So what we need to do is repair your skin’s barrier first by getting you on to the right products, and then once your skin is repaired, we can take it from there. I would highly reccommend that you have a look at Lamelle’s Serra Range to help you with this problem. You can find out more on Lamelle’s website, or on

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