Question: Scarring

I have eczema scarring on the back of my thighs that looks like bruising. I used some nautural holistic oil at first which helped close the wounds. Recently, I starting using Johnsons Tissue Oil. Do you think it will help get rid of my scarring? Or minimize it?


I do not mean to sound negative in any way. By no means do I wish to discourage you, but you have to consider that scarring is not a superficial skin problem. It is a deep, dermal injury to the skin, and you’re not going to fix that by applying an oil to the skin. Scarring in general, requires treatments for you to make any noticable difference. There are various treatments we can look at to help you depending on how bad and how deep the scarring is. We would normally put together a treatment package based on what would be the most appropriate course of action for your specific type of scarring. Together with this, we would then prescribe topical products that will help with the healing and regerative process of the superficial skin to help boost and enhance the results of the treatments given. Are you able to visit one of our Skin Renewl branches? We would love to be able to have a look at your scars and give you the best advice and help we can.

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