Question: Since I Left School I Have Had A Continuous Breakouts And Find That Even Sensitive Face Washes Are Too Harsh Irritating The Skin Even More. What Can I Use To Help Clear The Break Outs?

Since I left school I have had a continuous breakouts and find that even sensitive face washes are too harsh irritating the skin even more. What can I use to help clear the break outs?


It sounds to me like you’re suffering with an impaired barrier. The problem with this is that until you fix that, it doesn’t matter what products you use on your skin (sensitive cleansers or otherwise), they will just cause more sensitivity and will make no difference to your breakouts. So what you need to do is first go on to a course of products (just for a month or two) to repair and fix your skin’s barrier function (and that will more than likely solve a lot of your problems), and then once you’ve done that we can re-assess your skin to suggest a maintenance range for you. In order to get your skin’s barrier functioning properly, I highly recommend that you go onto Lamelle’s Serra Range. Just their cleanser and moisturizer (it’s called the Restore Moisturiser), and then also make sure you use a good SPF, I would highly recommend Helio Care for this.


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