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Dr. Allem i swim twice per week, and i've noticed that my skin is becoming very very dry. I do apply Bio oil at night but not in the morning because it's oily and i don't want to shine when i'm going to work. Can you recommend a product that i can use, i do have a dry skin type.


Thank you for your question. A lot of swimmers experience this issue that you’re having, and it’s simply as a result of pool chemicals and being in the water for prolonged periods of time. Bio Oil, to be perfectly honest is a GREAT product… but I would not recommend using it on the face. It is great for the body, but I do not recommend using it on the face. The facial skin is very different to that of the body and the skin on your face needs much more finely, specially formulated products and ingredients to feed, hydrate and maintain that skin.

I would definitely say without a doubt the two most important VERY basic things that every single person needs regardless of your skin type or condition is: 1) A good cleanser to be used morning and evening. (NOT soap! Soap will dry out and deplete your skin). 2) A good facial sunblock that you should be applying every single day of your life, come rain or shine. Your sunblock should be at least an SPF30.

In your specific case, I would highly recommend a moisturizer that will constantly help restore your skin’s barrier function, as that is what the pool chemicals are damaging. Something like the Serra Restore Cream from Lamelle OR Skin Medica’s Ceremide Treatment Cream. I would also suggest that you use a hydrating serum every night to give your skin back that hydration that you are losing from being in the water. Something like Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 or Lamelle’s HA serum.

If you want more specific advice or a program that is tailor made for YOU, why don’t you call us at one of our Skin Renewal Branches and let one of the DR’s have a look at your skin, or alternatively let one of our therapists assess and assist you so that we can specifically target the needs of YOUR skin.

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