Question: Skin Damage

I have some serious skin damage, and my skin flakes a lot, especially in winter, is there any specific reason why? Because my skin always has a sufficient amount of cream or lotion yet people always comment on my dry skin. How do I solve this problem ?


It sounds to me like you have a very impaired barrier. This being the case, your moisturisers are not going to be able do what they are supposed to. What you need to do is get yourself onto a product that will repair your skin’s barrier first and then you can really get the benefits of whatever the other products are that you’re using. I would highly recommend that just for a 2 month period, you get yourself onto Lamelle’s Serra Range which is specifically geared at repairing barrier function, and thereafter you can start re-introducing the other products that you like and you will most likely find that this will sort out your problem.

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