Please could you let me know how to lighten the appearance of the spots that look like age spots, as they are very dark and unattractive?


I see that you have indicated that you are a skin type 5. The reason this is important, is that we need to be sure that what you are seeing is in fact pigmentation, and not DPN’s (Morgan Freeman spots). These are quite common in skin types 5 and 6 and they will often start forming around the eyes first. These unfortunately need to be treated by a laser treatment. If it is just purely pigmentation then I’m going to suggest 2 things: 1) A pigmentation serum (something like Lumixyl; or Lytera; Or Brighter Concentrate), and 2) A very good facial sunblock to prevent any more from forming and to protect your spots from becoming any worse. You are welcome to contact any of our Skin Renewal Branches to help you with these products.

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