Question: Skin Problem

Hi Dr, For the past 8 or so years I have had rash appear just on my forehead regardless what season it is. Sometime it seems like the rash (very small) has water. I did seek medical help from two dermatologists and during the time I was on treatment my skin cleared nicely. I don’t want to keep going to dermatologists I want to be able to treat my own skin with products I can probably get over the counter. I try and take care of my health, water intake, gym etc. please help regards Duduzile Mnisi


Hi there Duduzile. Thank you for your enquiry. Without knowing what exactly the rash is or what you were treated with by your dermatologists, it is very difficult for me to give you any advice. Do you know if you were given steroid creams or what was used on you? Without that I can only really guess what the condition may be and that is not really going to help you. I would love to help you with good product prescription that can help you prevent this problem, but in order for me to do so, I’m going to need to see you. Are you near enough to one of our Skin Renewal Branches for me or one of our doctors to see you? Let’s try and sort out this problem for you once and for all! Have a look at and see what the closest branch is to you, all our contact details are available there as well.

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