Question: Skin Type And Dry Skin

Hi. I would like to know: if I have a very oily forehead, very dry cheeks, chin and neck area and a nose area that's just normal, would I then consider myself one with combination skin? What products would you recommend for my very dry areas. Especially a mild and gentle cleanser that still cleanses effectively. Should I be exfoliating these dry areas too?


I’m not really a fan of classing people’s skin’s into the various "condition-types". I suppose if you really want to be in a "class", then you would more than likely fit into the "combination skin class". I feel you need to treat the specific problems. Give the skin what it needs to fix those concerns that you have. You are right in saying you need a good cleanser that is not going to aggravate your skin, and for this I would reccommend either Lamelle’s Serra Cleanser or their Nourish cleanser. I would certainly exfoliate, but not with harsh granules. I would much rather exfoliate using a good enzymatic exfoliator. When it comes to choosing the correct moisturisers and acyive ingredients, a few other things come into play, namely your age, your skin colour and your main concerns (ie the condition that can be seen on your skin). For oiliness and oil control I prefer to suggest that patients use a product specifically for just that area of oiliness, such as Active Control Gel from Lamelle’s Clarity Range. As for the rest of your skin, I would recommend products appropriate to the condition I see.

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