Question: Skincare Concern

Hi, I am african. I have a problem with that if I dont get enough hours to sleep, my face doesn't look so nice, like I would get few pimples, and those pimples end up looking like dark circles, and that is what I hate. Its not like I have a choice though in not sleeping enough, because I am a student, so now I would like to know what products can I then use to stop these dark circles on my face, that will fit my age. Thanks, I will be awaiting for your kind response.


Thanks so much for your enquiry. Your sleep will certainly affect your skin, but there are some things you can do to help you combat the damage that this is doing. 1) You need to take an oral anti-oxidant supplement to boost your skin’s immunity and help it heal properly and quickly and prevent darkening. I highly recommend Lamelle’s Ovelle capsules. 2) You MUST wear sun protection every day. The minute your “pimples” are exposed to light (even if it is not direct sun light), you are at risk of getting dark marks wherever your pimples are. So I highly recommend the Heliocare sun protection products, they are excellent. I also suggest that you use a good, active cleanser to encourage your skin turn over to also encourage exfoliating the congested, darkened areas. Something like Neostrata’s Foaming Glycolic was is a great option for most skins. Lastly, if you are really battling with getting regular odd pimples, then I suggest you get yourself Lamelle’s Active Control Gel (from their Clarity Range), then when you get spots, you can just apply a very small amount directly to the spots themselves to clear them up quickly so that you don’t have this vicious cycle of spots and darkening all the time. These products can be found at any of our Skin Renewal Branches. If you are close to any of our branches you can even see one of our therapists or doctors to get a detailed analysis of your skin to help you identify any other issues you may have.

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