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Hi there I'm really struggling with skincare products - I have quite sensitive skin, combination usually (but varies!) and serious pigmentation on my forehead and cheeks. I also suffer from breakouts thanks to my hormones. And am fast collecting wrinkles on my forehead, around my eyes and mouth. I cannot find any products that tackle all of these things! Acne products are all aimed at the youth market and are very harsh and drying. Ageing products are all extremely rich and often worsen the breakouts. Pigmentation products do absolutely nothing and don't seem to help with wrinkles either. At the moment, I'm using a combo of Dermalogica, Clarins and Clinique. Plus I have to use foundation and coverstick to cover the pigmentation. AND, thanks to some medication I take, I sweat hugely, so makeup goes fast and my skin often feels dehydrated. Impossible! Can you help?


Wow… OK, you have a whole heap of things that are bugging you and in your case you need to get bang for your buck! You cannot just randomly use a bunch of different ranges for different things and chop and change between them. You’re just irritating your skin and wasting a lot of money. So what we need to do is give you products that are active, effective and multi-functional. So here is what I suggest:
1) Get a gentle cleanser that isn’t going to dry and irritate your skin – Lamelle’s Serra Cleanser is a good option, so is their Nourish cleanser… personal preference should guide your schoice on this one. Just dont use anything that is very foamy and soapy and harsh.
2) During the day, you need a moisturiser that is not oily, but that will protect you from damage and prevent and ward off the free radical activity that causes ageing, damage and pigmentation, so in this case, something very high in Anti-Oxidants – Nourish Revitalise Lite moisturiser is a good option.
3) At night you need to be using a potent retinol, which is going to help you in more than one way. Retinol helps to control and prevent breakouts, it is a great anti-ageing ingredient, it also helps to lighten and prevent pigmentation… so you want to be using this at LEAST every second night. I would alternate with a moisturiser containing growth factors for healing purposes, and to normalise the skin and to act as an anti-ageing (age correctiong) product. Retinol – Lamelle’s Evening Glow Night Cream OR Skin Ceuticals Retinol 0.5 moisturiser, alternating with Growth Factors, EG Lamelle’s Dermaheal night cream.
4) Every single day… use a very good facial sunblock, I highly reccommend Heliocare.
Stay on this regime and dont chop and change between products. Expect the skin to take at least 8 weeks to start showing great visible differences. We can help you at any one of our SKin Renewal branches to help you get the right products and the best on-going help and support.

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