Question: Sore Pimples On Butt Checks

this is rather embarrassing to write. from time to time, i get sore blind hard pimples on my butt cheeks, either one or two. if i wait and let them 'ripen', upon pressing them, lots of pus comes out (yuk i know)... i bath twice a day and use an exfoliate loofa to scrub my skin, i have no idea wat may causing it


If you are bathing twice a day every day, and exfoliating and using a loofah to scrub, you are simply over stimulating the skin causing it to break out. Same as an acne patient who washes and scrubs their face too frequently, actually causes more pimples. So basically, you’re being a bit "too clean". Don’t scrub more than 1-2 times per week. If possible, don’t bath more than once a day unless you absolutely have to.

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