Question: Steaming The Face

Would you recommend steaming the face for someone who has combination/oily skin? And where in my skin care routine would I do this?


I am not a fan of patients steaming their own skin at home. Too many times, this get’s over done and people steam themselves until they look like lobsters, resulting in inflammation and in many ladies, this triggers pigmentation. I know it probably seems like I’m being too "cautious", but there is a reason why we have special equipment for facial steaming in our clinics and the therapists working on you know exactly how much is enough. The gentle steaming you get from taking a shower is more than enough for home when you are using your enzyme exfoliators and home care products. Although I’m not particularly a fan and I’m not inclined to reccommend self steaming, those patients who really do enjoy this and do not have issues with inflammationa and pigmentation, a 5min steam at the gym is also more than sufficient.

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