Question: Strechmarks

hi there , i have a problem with strechmarks and was wondering if you could assist , ii swell up pretty big when i was pregnant with my son, he is now 6 but i still have marks under my butt and on my love handles, im havng trouble getting rid of them , i went from a 32 to a 28 , is there a product you think could help , ive tried bio oil and justine oil


I’m going to be 100% honest with you. Stretch marks cannot simply be treated by putting on a cream or lotion or oil. Stretch marks are a dermal injury which means it sits way too deep in the skin for a cream or lotion to even get to the problem area. You can certainly improve the texture of the stretch marks’s surface and improve the skin around the stretch marks with those products, but if you want to improve the actual marks themselves you need to consider treatments. You need to consider carboxy therapy and laser treatments and a good active product to help stimulate cell regeneration in the problem area (something containing Growth Factors, like Skin Medica’s TNS Body Lotion). If you’d like us to help you with this, I’d be so glad to try and help you with this concern. Can you get to see me or one of our doctors at your nearest Skin Renewal Branch? Or contact your nearset branch so we can try to better assist you?

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