Question: Strength Training

Hi Lisa. I want to know how should I divide my workout in terms of cardio and strength? Right now, I usually do 20 minutes cardio and forty minutes strength (during the week). Weekends I do 30 minutes of each. Cardio consists of step, running, walking, jumping jacks, the bike, treadmill. Strength: body conditioning, resistance band, dumbbells, sand bag, bar with and without weights. Plus stretching before and after


You need rouhgly an hour of cardio a week, which you are coming close to, and a minimum of 25 minutes of strength training 3 times a week – a target you are again reaching. In terms of mixing cardio and strength, separate them where you can, else be sure that your cardio comes AFTER your strength workout.

Fat loss benefit: You are already in your fat burning zone if your cardio succeeds a weight training session, where as if you start with it, your body will first use up its glycogen stores as energy before burning fat.

Muscle gain benefit: If you do your cardio first, your body will deplete your glycogen stores in your muscles, so when you get round to weight training, your session will not be as effective. You will also be tired and less motivated for heavier, muscle-buildng sets.

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