Question: Stretch Marks

What products do you suggest for someone with an uneven tone skin and stretch marks.


Hi there. You have asked quite a difficult question, as the 2 concerns are not handled in the same way and they are 2 totally separate issues. “Uneven skin tone” suggests you are concerned about pigmentary changes? Where is the uneven tone? On your body or your face? Area makes a big difference… When it comes to pigmentation I will always say that your number 1 product which you should be applying every single day come rain or shine is a very good sunblock. If these skin is unevenly pigmented you will need to use a product for this underneath your sunblock, and anti-oxidant product is a good way to go if it’s on your body OR a pigmentation serum if it’s on your face. As for the stretch marks… creams and lotions and oils are not going to get you very far. Stretch marks are a dermal concern, which means your topical applications cannot really get to where they need to be to treat stretch marks. Stretch marks need treatment with carboxy therapy, or laser or a combination of these.

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