Question: Sun Burn

About a 3 years ago I got really bad sun burn on my back ,so bad it made blisters al over my whole back .I normaly dont burn at all not even a little red until that summer now I hae a un even skin tone on my back how do I fix it /


I’m so sorry to hear you are battling with this issue. Pigmentation is a real problem and it requires a combination of good treatments and your dedication in using the correct products to treat it and prevent any more from forming. What we need to do firstly is to treat the pigmentation that is already there, and make sure we get you on to a product that will enhance the results of your treatments while preventing the formation of new pigmentation at the same time. I would have to take a good look at your skin to give you the best advice, but I would in most cases suggest a combination of chemical resurfacing, with some laser and the use of transdermal mesotherapy. You would also have to make sure you use a pigmentation inhibitor, something like Lunixyl or Neostrata’s Enlighten Serum or Skin Medica’s Lytera serum, and of course you cannot go without a good sunblock on any exposed skin (something like Heliocare FX Gel).

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