Question: Sun Marks

I recently got really bad sun marks on face, especially on my forehead an around my eyes. Is there any product that can help lighten these marks?


Thanks so much for your enquiry. There are a few things that you need to do when you are battling with pigmentation; 1) You have to be diligent in wearing a facial sunblock (at least SPF 30 or up), every single day, come rain or shine. 2) You need to be using a product that is high in Retinol as your night cream every night or at least 3 nights per week (something like Skin Medica’s Tri-Retinol Complex OR Skin Ceuticals Retinol 0.3 OR Lamelle’s Evening Glow Moisturiser OR Skin Renewal Brightening MD – all of which are available at our Skin Renewal Branches). 3) You need to be using a pigmentation inhibiting product under your moisturizer every day (something like Lumixyl or Lamelle’s Brighter Concentrate Serum). When it comes to treating the marks that you already have, we can further assist you by prescribing an appropriate treatment for the type of pigmentation you have. The treatment will depend on how dark and how deep the marks are, so we would have to take a look at your skin to be able to establish what would be best for your particular situation.

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