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Im a young woman who eats healthily and exercises when I can. I lack energy all the time, can you recommend supplements or shakes to help me?


A lack of energy is a common complaint amongst individuals trying to keep up with the hectic work and lifestyle pace of today. Here are my top tips for revitalising.

Exercise for Energy
A brisk 10-minute walk is the best place to start. This not only provides an instant energy boost, but the effects will last for up to 2 hours.
Hit the trampoline! Rebounding is an amazing way to boost energy levels, improve blood flow, and get your heart pumping – whilst sparing your joints any hard impact.
Practise inverted yoga poses. The famous downward facing dog pose is excellent for getting blood and oxygen to the brain. Start on your hands and knees, curl your toes so you’re resting on the balls of your feet, and slowly rise into an inverted ‘V’ position. Keeping your eyes on your toes, exhale as you push your heels closer to the ground. Hold this position for a few moments to reap the benefits.
Shake up a steady-state cardio routine with interval training. Bursts of 1-minute sprints followed by 3-minute recoveries help you burn fat rather than carbohydrates – your precious energy supplies.

Find your Ideal Training Time
When you train can also have an impact on youA morning workout boostsyour metabolism earlier on, meaning you’ll burn more caloriesthroughout the day. If you struggle to fall asleep at night, stick tomorning training, as the added energy production in the evening couldkeep you up. Those that train in the late afternoon and early eveninghave the advantage of training when the body reaches its maximumtemperature and therefore maximum performance potential – roughlybetween 3pm and 6pm. In both cases though, honouring a regular routineis what will bring you the best results long term.

Take a Nap
If you´re feeling drained, whether from hard work, stress or a late night, a powernap can really boost your brainpower. 45 minutes is all you need to feel the difference – ideal for a lunch-break kip!

Drink Up
Even slight dehydration can leave you feeling fatigued. Make sure you aren´t confusing thirst for hunger, and ease up on the alcohol. Meeting your daily water needs is essential for keeping your energy levels.

Eat for Energy
A magnesium deficiency could also leave your energy stores depleted. Add a handful of almonds or hazelnuts to your diet for instant energy, and try eat more wholegrains and fresh fish.
Snack on natural foods like watermelon, pears, raisins, carrots, green tea, olives, dark chocolate, ginger and peppermint. An ideal pre-workout boost is fresh vegetable juice. Make your own fresh each day for some extraordinary health benefits and energy injection:

Fresh Vegetable Juice
In a good quality blender, remove all seeds, pips and cores and juice the following raw ingredients

– 5 Baby Marrows
– 5 Apples
– 5 Pears
– 1 and a half Green Peppers
– 1 and a half cups Spinach
– 2 cups Broccoli
– 4 Sticks Celery

This recipe makes a litre. Vegetable juice can be kept for up to 8 hours when refrigerated.

Skip the Sugar
Most of us have ridden the sugar rollercoaster on many occasions, and are no strangers to the crash that follows a sugar high. If you are low on energy and craving sugar, healthy carbohydrates are what your body needs. Stick to wholegrains for steadier sugar-levels and improved energy.

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