Question: Talya Holland

I’m 28 years old and have bad breakouts along my chin. It’s very demoralizing because they won’t go away - I’ve tried everything. I’ve read it might be gut-related but I don’t know where to start fixing that. Is there something I can do for a quick solution? Growing very impatient and very demoralized!


Hello. I am sorry to hear about your concern. Breakouts on the chin can be due to various factors. Hormones, gut inflammation, touching your face often, all plays a role in the occurrence of acne related concerns.

A good place to start with gut restoration will be to take a good probiotic daily , this will ensure you have enough good flora to keep your gut healthy. You might also need something to decrease the inflammation in the gut, curcumin has been known to decrease inflammation in the body.

Unfortunately there is no quick-fix here. You need to find out what causes the breakouts and take it from there. I would recommend that you visit one of the Skin Renewal Clinic so that one of our medical practitioners can take a look at your skin and make their recommendations from there.

You can visit to find a branch closest to you.

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