Question: The Older I Get, The More Blocked Pores And What Seems Like Pimples, But Aren’t. Most Of The Advice Requires Expensive Treatments And Products. What Advice Would Have For Someone With Limited Budget, Other Than Dietary?

The older I get, the more blocked pores and what seems like pimples, but aren't. Most of the advice requires expensive treatments and products. What advice would have for someone with limited budget, other than dietary?


Thank-you very much for you enquiry. If budget is really a very big problem I would say the very best advice I can give you, is make sure that you are not cleansing your skin with harsh products. So anything that foams or is excessively soapy, is NOT a very good idea. I would suggest you use a good moisturizer that is suitable for mornings and evenings so that you don’t have to go and buy loads of products. My personal recommendation is that you consider the Nourish Revitalize Cream by Lamelle (it is available at all our Skin Renewal branches). Then, VERY importantly, you need to be on a powerful broad spectrum SPF, every single day, come rain or shine. So there’s my advice as far as what you can do for yourself at home goes. Use an appropriate cleanser (The Nourish Range also makes a great cleanser), get yourself the Nourish Revitalize Cream, and your SPF. As far as treatments go, I really would suggest that you just go for a light, superficial chemical peel one a month, or if you’re really struggling with the budget, then even once every second month is certaimly better than nothing. You need to get your skin’s cell turn over to be sped up, and you need to get rid of the blockages and start working on those textural issues that you are currently experiencing, and light peels are a very good place to start.

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