Question: The Pill

My doctor put me on Yaz (the contraceptive) and he wasn't very clear on when I need to start the course since it's my first time ever being on the pill. The instructions on the leaflet states that I need to take my first pill on the same day I begin my cycle. The only thing I'm unclear on is: The grey area on the tablets indicate on need to start on that week. So if I begin my cycle on a Wednesday and that falls halfway along the line of the grey pills - do I stick with the days of the week? I'm so confused and the leaflet is just way too confusing for me.


Hi there Kate!
Unfortunately this is one for the Doctor. If your doc prescribed the pill to you, they will have no trouble in explaining how to use it. If you’re hesitant to book another appointment just for that, head to your nearest pharmacy, where they will be happy to help.

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