Question: Thin, Short Hair.

Hi Adele, My hair is thin but I have a lot of it, also it wont grow beyond a certain point? How can I encourage my hair to grow thicker and longer? I eat a healty balanced diet as well as taking natural supliments. Please Help


Hi Tessa

If this problem has been around for all your life then it could be in your genes. This is a very common ailment that both women and men face and often there is no real cure because we cant change our genetic make up. If you are living a healthy lifestyle then you should not worry about this too much. Think about the other ways you could be doing damage to your hair like with heat styling too often, brushing it to hard and with the wrong equipment etc. Have you maybe considered hair extentions? This can be done in various methods to suit both your lifestyle and your pocket so if all else fails, go see a doctor to try eliviate the problem via another supplement or go see a stylist about trying some hair extentions.

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