Question: This Is Quite A Weird Question. I Have One Hair – Yes Just One! That Keeps Coming Every Month Or So On My Chin. Why?

This is quite a weird question. I have one hair - yes just one! that keeps coming every month or so on my chin. Why?


That I’m afraid is one of those things that can happen because of hormonal changes, usually that why we get hair on the chin or around the neck and jawline. You could just go have it zapped with a laser (you might need 2 or 3 zaps), and that should sort it out. If it is due to hormonal changes (and that can be anything from being on the pill, to suddenly going off the pill, pregnancy, post pregnancy, or any sort of change in your body), you need to get that under control, otherwise, over time, they are going to keep coming, and the laser can’t stop that from happening. The laser will treat the hair, slow it down and cause significant reduction, but if your hormones are up and down, you may find you have an on-going problem with hair growth.

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